Disability Jobs as Our Commitment to the Community

Disability jobs refers to the need of more employment opportunities fo the differently able people who are also an important part of our society. Generally business community is hesitated to give more job opportunities to the disabled people as they are not aware of the integration process. They had fear about the productivity of the people with various impairments. But by recent effort by the government to create awareness have changed the scenario, now entrepreneurs have a positive attitude towards impairment employments. Now by increased opportunities and training facilities it is proved that the disabled people also have the same or better productivity in certain areas. Infirmity carriers prove that involving differently able people is good for the working environment. Disability jobs changed the previous evaluation of the employers and they are now ready to accept these less fortunate people for various jobs.


Researches show that the businesses those employed disabled persons performs better in the total revenue and profit. Companies encourages inclusion of the disabled persons also perform better, this shows inability positions is beneficial for the companies and for the nation. After the publication of these study by associations business community have another reason to give job opportunities to the disabled persons. The persons with disabilities act ensures the employment as a right without any discrimination, it means that nobody should be denied an employment just because of the disability.

People with various disabilities like autism, hearing impaired, visually challenged are employed in various companies and proven their efficiency in certain areas of work. We could see that these people have better productivity in the specialised areas. The total integration programme adopted by certain companies by step by step inclusiveness of these people to the general workforce. People with acquired disabilities and loco motive disabilities have better opportunities in the disability jobs. But when we face the reality of employment we are not yet achieved the targeted inclusion of the disabled persons. Many business people not understood the real potential of the persons with disabilities. They could participate in the country’s economic development as every employer does. Disability jobs are a move towards the achievement of total employment and inclusion of these impaired people.

The study about the labour status of the disabled people by the government department reveals that below thirty percentages of the total disabled persons are employed in the country. This shows the unemployment among the disabled and the need for the active implementation of the concerned laws for the protection of persons with disabilities. We are considered as one of the strongest economy in the world with larger contribution by the private investors, but still we are facing employment problems in persons with disabilities.

Disability jobs try to make awareness among these business groups about the potential of these people for the development of the economy. By the increasing awareness and the strict implementation of the law draws a larger volume disabled people to the general work force of our country. Corporate also should be encouraged to give more labour opportunities to these less fortunate people.