Plan the curtains before the finishing

It is advisable to think about curtains at the very beginning of the interior design stage, which should take place before the interior decoration of the dwelling. Because, if you need, for example, to hide the curtain rails in the ceiling, it’s only possible to do it until the finish. It is worth remembering that there should be no wires in the place of the curtains fastening.

When fitted stretch ceilings, curtains cannot be hung on them, so if the curtains are needed, its fixing must be provided in niches behind the stretch ceilings. From the relation of curtains with the ceiling depends the whole interior design very much. At the design stage, the function of the curtains is also highlighted – whether they are decorative, whether they will be protecting from the sunshine, or will hide from the extraneous sights, it eventually becomes clear whether they will be needed at all.