Tips on Driving Assessment After Stroke

When a driver has gone through a terrible stroke, losing his coordination is one of the difficult challenges he must overcome before he can come back to driving. A stroke can be so damaging most especially for drivers. It can take away their ability to drive as it kills or damage brain cells and might lead to long-term damage. This is the main reason why they lose their coordination, a very essential attribute of drivers, although some people are lucky enough to survive deadly strokes. In this case, people who can recover from stroke might be able to drive again but with proper driving assessment after stroke.


Assessment for driving after stroke should be observed to secure that the driver is safe and still capable of driving. A driver who went through a stroke cannot just assess himself all alone. He must be guided with appropriate authorities and experts in certain necessary fields. Disability driving assessment after stroke starts with ‘off road’ assessment to test if you could really still drive again, then they will take you to a ‘on road’ assessment with an occupational therapy driving assessor and a qualified driving instructor. But aside from that, there are necessary precautions to consider getting back in to driving. Here are some tips on driving assessment after stroke:

  • Be patient – as the saying goes “patience is always a virtue”, always learn to wait for the right time in the right place. This is one of the most important things in this kind of assessment. Refrain from driving for about two weeks after you went through stroke. Don’t push yourself too much. Relax and get as much rest as you need to regain your usual energy. It is important to just rest and wait first rather that to tire yourself up just because you badly want to get back to driving. If you really need to use a car, you can ask someone who knows how to drive or hire a driver until you are safe to drive again.
  • Consult licensing authorities – as part of being assessed for driving after stroke, you have to make sure if you are allowed to drive again. It is your responsibility to go to a licensing authority and have yourself assessed or evaluated if you could really drive again. They will probably run some few test to check if can still drive considering your state.
  • Talk to your doctor – It is your responsibility to have an assessment for driving after stroke to get medical clearance to return to driving. Only your doctor can clear you to check if you have fully recovered from the stroke. Your doctor will see to it if you no longer have any impairment that might affect your ability to drive.
  • Get continuous physical therapy – You must still have continuous physical therapy to fully recover from stroke. This will help you recover faster and of course increase the effectivity of your recovery for you to be able to drive again with disability driving assessment after stroke.